Expand The World

Woke up this morning feeling like I’m doing it wrong.

I aspire to so much - writing, music-making, meditation, exercise, learning & advancing on my video skills, volunteering, training my dog…

Yet in the world I inhabit today it’s just so difficult to find time for any of those things, much less all of them at the same time. I wake up and the day just goes. Things need to be done, questions need to be answered, basic needs have to get met. The things that I am passionate about seem to come second.

The answer to my dilemma is clear: change the world you inhabit.

Stop trying to find room for your passions inside a crammed life. Work and responsibility can feel like the walls of a room. And when work and the inhuman currencies of society are all that you are dedicating your day to, those walls can feel very small. You’re essentially living inside a tiny studio apartment. Which is very economical, except that a studio apartment can’t fit much stuff.

So the logical step is to expand the world

No time for exercize? Adding space for it in my life means breaking down a wall. Now I’ve got a 2 room apartment. 

Meditation? Writing & playing music? Volunteering in the community? It’s going to take a mansion.

How can I possibly make room for a mansion when I have been living in a tiny studio apartment all these years?

(rhetorical question - If I knew an answer, I’d already by living in a mansion)

Time to start a new routine. Every morning I’m going to write. Very first thing I do. Well, maybe I’ll put on clothes and then go to the bathroom first. But then I’ll write.

And then I’ll exercise. 

And then I’ll start the day that I typically have. 

Every day I’m going to do this. Hold me to it.

Over time, there will be more room in my routine for other critical pieces like meditation and playing music.

Today I’m going to start by knocking down 2 walls and practicing this routine every day.

I’m never going back to that studio apartment ever again.